Busy scanning photos.......

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I was busy today scanning photos with my new scanner....
here are a few

Busy scanning photos.......Jeffs mother and father

Busy scanning photos.......
Jeffs Mom on her wedding day

Busy scanning photos.......
Family dinner

Busy scanning photos.......
Jeff, Margie and Rick

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I have been busy scanning my old muscle mags ..thought someone out there might be interested in seeing these.

Title: War on cigarettes - PROHIBITION

RTE ONE - Nine News
I'm not an addict, I hate cigarette smoke, but...
YES it's 8.50 Euro for 20 cigarettes! That's how you create new income sources for gangs.
Seeing what we have to pay for, one question comes to mind:
Had gangsters promised a cut to bureaucrats for legislation making cigarettes ridiculously expensive?
Socialist thinking causes more losses again - addicts have to pay more for their poison, all taxpayers have to spend on giant police machine only to be robbed in dark alley by some thug - police can't keep eye on (they are too busy scanning trucks and searching baggage).

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